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Houston, Tx 77074
Tel: 832-435-6424
Fax: 713-278-2o88
Bulk clothing

Worldwide Supply and Shipping Services
We ship bulk used clothing to anywhere in the world
As a result of recent expansion and with the acquisition of a larger factory
area, the company has increased its output and can now boast markets
in not only Europe, but all over the world. Customer Email Confirmations,
Real-Time Order Processing, Quantity-On- Hand Available, Bill of Materials,
Integrated Drop Ship

Oil Equipment

To try to fill a void in the supply chain to the world market. An immediate impact was
made and the company has since been recognized as a good and trustworthy
supplier of high grade, quality products at competetive prices which were readily
acceptable in the market place. Those products are now recognised as a brand
leader by importers and buyers alike and are now much sought after.

Fobrose Group supplies the oilfield industry with performance chemicals and
equipment while providing superior support. Our knowledge and experience can
help you fill your requirements. Our friendly, efficient service will be responsive to
your needs.We have lowboy trailers, rig moving equipment, jeeps, dollies, and
other oilfield equipment.

Fobrose Group supplies the oilfield industry and interested individuals with high
performance and equipment as well as providing parts and support for these
equipments. We have the knowledge and experience to meet your specific needs.
Our friendly, efficient service will be responsive to your needs.We have Trucks,
cranes, heavy duty vehicles e.t.c

The Group Has also taken the pains to deal on Shop Overstock and Office Equipment.
We supply to your doorstep in any Continent, Country or State within and Outside the
United States of America. Please feel free to
contact us for more details.